Happy Mom and BabyIs the thought of going back to work starting to seep into your mind? A lot? That might mean that you’re ready to start looking at what it is you really want to do.

This can be a really exciting time! Do you feel excited about the prospect of re-entering the workforce or are you a little hesitant? Whatever you’re feeling, it’s normal and totally okay. You’ll find your footing.

You really need to make sure you stop and breathe. This is a big change for you; a lifestyle change. Embrace it. Feel it. Then get ready to take action.

As a mom, this is an emotional time. There’s guilt — why is there always guilt? Because we’re moms! It just comes with the territory. You’d think we’d be used to it by now, almost numb to its affects. Instead, it keeps driving us to ensure the best situation for our families. That’s not such a bad thing, is it?

So besides the guilt, what else are you feeling? Write it down in a journal or even a scrap of paper. Make it real. If you write it down, you can see it, and rationalize it in your brain. What part of returning to work scares you the most? What part are you dreading? Be sure to include the positive feelings as well. How will the extra money help your family? Will it be nice to be around adults again and make those workplace friends that you enjoyed in the past. What about doing something for yourself and feeling useful? A different kind of useful than you experience with your children, of course.

As you write, don’t hold back. Write whatever goes through your mind. No holds barred. This is for you and only you. You don’t have to show anyone (unless you want to) and it doesn’t have to be pretty (unless you want it to be). This is simply to purge your feelings onto paper so you can view them objectively.

Once you’re done — and you can always go back and add to it at anytime — take time to read it. Mull it over in your head. Now sleep on it. Go back to your writings in a day or two. Do you still feel the same? If not, jot down how you’re currently feeling.

This may seem redundant but what it’s doing is getting these feelings out of your head. It’s difficult to sort out such strong emotions when they’re bottled up inside. Try it. You’ll feel better and it’ll help you deal with how your life is going to change.

Did you try this? What was the outcome? Share with us and other moms!