If you are one of those moms who dread going back to work but have to because of financial or other family reasons, there are options out there for you.

It is not necessary that you work outside your home in order to hold a job. Here are some work alternatives for you and some great resources to help you get to where you want to go.

If you’d like to work out of the comfort of your home, this is a great option as well. You get the reward of being home with you kids, while having the satisfaction of working and bringing in money of your own. Click here to learn more about telecommuting.

Virtual Assistance
Would you like to be an assistant to someone down the street or across the country? Moms can make a great living doing this. You can do a wide variety of tasks and learn a ton in the process. Click here to learn more about virtual assistance.

Do you love to write? Ghostwriters are those who write for other people, and those clients own the work once it’s completed. They can put their name on it and distribute it where ever they want – online and offline. This is becoming HUGE in the online world and there is a great demand for it.